The Outdoor Element combines the best integration and design aspects of KIOSK’s wide portfolio of custom outdoor designs – yet delivers the simplicity and economy of a standard product.
By utilizing a turnkey / standard outdoor model, customers can now achieve a much simpler and economical path to outdoor self-service than ever before.

company office/church/department store/school/hotel/meseum

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1500~2000 칸델라밝기

KIOSK provides unsurpassed custom outdoor design expertise as evidenced by deployments
with most of the amusement parks, nationwide ticketing agencies, stadiums, movie theaters,
and resorts. The Element delivers this outdoor capability without the time
and investments traditionally required – significantly accelerating model!

Designed for virtually any feature mix, The Outdoor Element can accommodate
peripheral options including an outdoor credit card reader, keyboard, receipt printer, or
barcode scanner.

OUTDOOR kiosk Monitor
Outdoor 46 Inch Full HD high brightness display installed and it make quality display during daytime


When considering deploying an outdoor kiosk, it’s essential to leverage the expertise of an experienced supplier. Kiosk has created hundreds of the industry’s most widely recognized outdoor solutions for transportation companies, theatres, amusement parks, stadiums and resorts. Cinemas are among our many successful outdoor clients.

Special considerations include:
Design for the Elements:  Outdoor units are designed with watertight seams and insulated inner walls to protect internal components. KIOSK provides the appropriate This pretreated steel is highly durable and recyclable.

Heating and Cooling: 
Integrating unit maintains optimal temperature and humidity levels for peak reliability. Display Choice: Hi Brite eliminate “sunlight washout” for outdoor screen readability (touch screens available).

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Vertical type / Langscape type / Table type

가로형 도면



A steel, with 1.5mm thickness the unit is solid and robust.
The enclosure has several unique features such as a lockable hidden control panel to access power switch, Ethernet socket interface.
we offer options of other devices such as small form factor printing and scanning. The unit has space for a standard sized small form factor PC.
Large interactive and transactional digital signage / information kiosks transitions advertising to sales and valued customer services.


Option / Computer Spec 1

Basic Option
CPU : Intel G2030 Ivy bridge
Memory : DDR3 2GB 10600
Main Board : IPMSB-H61
HDD : 128GB M.2 SATA
With mainboard
OS : MS Windows 7 pro 32bit
Spec can be change without notice

Option / Computer Spec 1

High Performance
CPU : Inter core i3
Memory : Samsung DDR3 4G
Main Board : MSI H81M-P33
HDD : 128GB M.2 SATA
SSD : 64GB
With mainboard
OS : win7 pro 32bit
Spec can be change without notice
Touch Monitor
IR (Infra Red)
Single Point touch
2 points touch
4 point touch
8 point touch
16 point touch
32 point touch
LED Monitor
15" 1024x768
19" 1280x1024
21.5" 1920x1200
24" 1920x1200
27" 1920x1200
32" 1920x1080
42" 1920x1080
46" 1920x1080
55" 1920x1080
  • Thermal Printer
  • Bar-code scanner
  • Web Camera
  • Credit Card
  • RFID reader
  • A4 Printer
  • Etc Devices

standard height