Unparalleled Engineering Expertise for Custom Kiosk Solutions Executing sophisticated self-service concepts is 4tentouch’s undisputed industry "sweet spot." In fact, the more complex the design, the quicker the market turns to KIOSK’s niche custom engineering exeperience.

Custom Design BRING It On

KIOSK is the World Leader in Custom Solution Design  Our team of Mechanical, Industrial, Robotic, and Software Engineers collectively provide the most sophisticated range of technical development skills available in the industry.

Professional Design Service

Our professional design process has been installed in many of custom deployments – representing many kiosk solutions in the field.

Leveraging 4tentouch's design process expertise ensures clients of program simplicity and rapid first-pass design success, without sacrificing on creativity. From small standard model component tweaks, to the most sophisticated self-service component integration – 4tentouch will cut the cleanest path to overall program success.

Technology & Experience

KIOSK designs from the inside-out, eliminating “one-size-fits-all” limitations.  Ongoing technology investments in CAD design tools and in-house prototype manufacturing equipment enable our Engineers to anticipate and lead all key elements of custom design.

Successful Result

Combining these specialized disciplines, KIOSK developed a proprietary design process that expertly navigates all the key considerations of a custom design experience.  This continually evolving tool leverages the design nuances and experience gained in thousands of prior designs, ensuring consistent first-pass prototype success. This process tool accelerates time to market and eliminates costly rework steps.