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  • Greeting

    4tentouch is one of the leading self service kiosk and digital signage manufacturers and worldwide exporters of kiosks and digital signage. The company focuses on stylish aesthetically designed terminals which are used in a host of industrial and commercial aspects.

    As a customer orientated company, we strive to bring innovative, quality, and affordable solutions to our worldwide base of customers.

    The self service and digital advertising industry is experiencing an explosive demand for intuitive business solutions and concepts, 4tentouch are re-investing into ensuring that we are able to deliver advanced technological self service solutions on behalf of our customers so that they are able to maintain their premier position in the market place by being able to stay ahead of their competitors.

  • Our Moto

    4tentouch has one of the largest ranges of kiosks and digital signage to match almost any form or concept that is requested, and if a standard kiosk will not suffice we will engage our designers to develop unique solutions at prices our clients are able to go to market with.

    We tests each and every kiosk, before it leaves the warehouse, to ensure that they meet with our strict. quality guidelines of manufacturing approval.

    The feedback given by our partners is that KT Group understand how to design and manufacture terminals which are aesthetical to their surroundings, user friendly and are well designed to work in their environment, therefore bringing a stable platform to drive the clients' content loaded onto the system.

We looking for global partner

4Tentouch’s business is built on partnerships

Our partners use 4Tentouch products from the Digital Signage and Kiosk models,
as well as software products and We provide the customer with excellent support.

Experienced solution partners receive our 4Tentouch Certified Partner Certificate’.
The certificate states that customers can rely on 4Tentouch partners for proven expertise
in consulting and implementation of kiosk solutions in the digital signage and kiosk market segment.